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APB Driving School Ltd Pillaton - Saltash, Plymouth, Callington Driving Lessons and Driving School.
APB Driving Lessons and Driver Training in Pillaton Covering Lessons in Saltash, Plymouth and Callington
Driving Lessons in Callington Driving Lessons in Plymouth Driving Lessons in Saltash
At   APB   Driving   School   lessons   are   booked   in   1hour   blocks   to   allow   you   to   have   the maximum    amount    of    time    on    the    road    and    behind    the    wheel.    Our    lessons    are designed to suit the abilities of each student. We offer a discount on multiple bookings as shown below: 1 Hour Lesson £20.00 90 Minute lesson £28.00 5 x 90 Minute Lessons £135.00
APB Driving  School
APB Driving  School